Secure Cloud Access for Third Parties, Vendors and Contractors

Managing Risk of Access to Critical Resources

According to the Verizon DBIR over 60% of breaches involved stolen credentials. Hackers bypass user authentication using stolen credentials and exploit internal applications and networks without being detected. This highlights the importance of applying zero trust to networking, identity, and data to prevent unauthorized access and avoid infiltration. While it is important to manage risk for employees, monitoring and controlling access with zero trust for third parties, vendors and contractors is even more critical.


Addressing Multiple Threat Vendors

Controlling and monitoring third party and vendor access needs to cover 4 key areas:



Allow users to connect only to authorized applications. Monitor and analyze all access activities in run time.



Monitor and control how users log in to applications. Detect shared accounts and impersonated accounts.



Control and monitor data access to each application and analyze data downloads data to detect sensitive data (like Personally Identifiable Information – or PII) to prevent data breaches and insider threats.


Device Isolation

Isolate the cloud and applications from endpoint devices to mitigate potential malware/ransomware attacks.

Zero Trust Secure Access at the Source and From the Source

Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser provides zero trust remote access that allows only authorized users access to allowed applications in a permitted context.

Appaegis browser isolation technology provides secure access from managed and unmanaged devices to any applications and infrastructure. The isolation approach also prevents the lateral movement of malware from potentially infected endpoints. Appaegis integrates with identity providers and Cloud IAM for simplified onboarding and offboarding support. With Appaegis, organizations can control access to applications and data within applications. Since every access transaction is monitored and logged, organizations can easily pass audits and automate compliance reporting.

Appaegis leverages browser isolation to secure access from where it originates – the enterprise browser. Appaegis combines user identity, permissions, keys and device context to effectively manage access. This approach enforces secure access at the source (endpoint) and eliminates the need to provide coarse-grained and broad access based on IP addresses, ports, and sub-nets used by network-centric solutions.