Secure Alternative to VDI

VDI: A Network Centric Solution Unfit for A Cloud Centric World

The ability to centralize management and isolate security has made virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments popular for use with third parties, vendors, and contractors. It allows security teams to extend centralized control over allowed applications on the virtual desktop and enables basic control over file downloads.

Operational Inefficiencies & Security Deficiencies of Traditional VDI

However, VDI is hard to deploy and manage, requires a thick client and does not deliver a good user experience. The all-or-nothing privilege model built into VDI provides a false sense of security and does not adhere to a zero-trust framework.

Recent attacks show, that hackers bypass RDP login and compromise the first landing server with tools to exploit internal networks and data. Organizations lack visibility into the identity of the users connecting to internal applications and cannot control data access within these applications.

Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser: A Zero Trust Alternative

Appaegis provides a revolutionary way to manage Web and SSH access to applications anywhere.

Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser allows users to connect to cloud infrastructure and applications from anywhere, while ensuring security teams maintain full visibility and control of their activities. This allows real-time control and management of application access for each user. Appaegis provides detailed access logs that contain information about the where, what and who of each access transaction.

Key capabilities of Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser include:
  • Real-time centralized management of application access
  • Logging of applications access
  • Monitoring and logging of identity used to access applications and data
  • Control over data access including file downloads and uploads

Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser uses browser isolation technology to protect from malware that exploits application and operating system vulnerabilities. This solution isolates the endpoint from the infrastructure, thus preventing the lateral movement of malware. With Appaegis, organizations get visibility and control over users access activities, identity, data, and networks — key ingredients of zero trust.