Visibility and Compliance

Compliance Requires Comprehensive Visibility

Compliance audits are time-consuming, labor intensive and often riddled with errors and inconsistences.

This is especially true when generating reports about access to critical resources – a focus area of compliance. Several compliance reports require a review of who has access to what, history of who accessed what and when. Some compliance demands full activity and session recording.

Labor Intensive Manual Processes Fail in A Dynamic Cloud Environment

None of this can be accomplished with traditional manual approaches. In a dynamic cloud-centric world the only way to have sustained compliance is with continuous monitoring. The continuous monitoring must cover access activity and access context. Manual processes cannot keep pace with the dynamic nature of the cloud, they are expensive and cannot provide the necessary control to mitigate risk identified during the audit.

Mitigate Security Risks and Automate Compliance Reporting

Appaegis Access Fabric can mitigate security risks and simplify audits. The key capabilities of Appaegis that mitigate risk and eliminate complexity include:

Visibility into identity and data access

Full visibility of access and identity

Appaegis Access Fabric continuously monitors and enforces access to any web application. This solution monitors identity and data across all access activities. It provides full visibility into applications access anywhere and identifies access to sensitive data including personal identifiable information (PII).

Identify anomalies and abnormal activities

With Appaegis organizations can easily detect potentially malicious activity, including excessive file downloads and logins from unfamiliar countries. Since such potentially malicious activities requires immediate attention, Appaegis’ built-in continuous monitoring can alert security teams on actionable events.

Single real-time source of truth

With Appaegis, organizations can go to a single source to instantly know where, who, and what cloud resources were accessed. It provides context associated with access activities including user, application, data, and location.

Integration with IAM and key vaults

Appaegis integrates with the identity and cloud infrastructure to synchronize changes in IAM and cloud resources. To effectively support compliance, Appaegis integrates with popular key vaults (HashiCorp Vault™, AWS KMS, Azure Key Vault) for easier key rotation, enhanced security and reduced complexity of management.

Role-based access control policy

Allows organizations to easily segment privileged users and critical applications and only provide access that meets compliance mandates.

Appaegis Access Fabric leverages browser isolation to solve the challenges.

The technology integrates with cloud infrastructure to provide context-based information. It monitors the risk in identity and permission settings and provides controls to mitigate the potential risks. It records all access activities and associated context for easy reporting. Appaegis Access Fabric is easy to deploy, manage and use.