Enterprise application access that is simple, scalable & secure

With Appaegis, application access can be given securely to authorized users, anytime, anywhere – in a matter of minutes! Users can be up and running without any installation on endpoints while maintaining visibility and control over each instance of access.

Appaegis IAC can seamlessly integrate with your existing applications and existing security infrastructure regardless of the choice of deployment architecture or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform of choice. Whether you are on a journey to adopt a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework or Zero Trust Edge framework, Appaegis can meet your critical Zero Trust application access needs.

Key Benefits

With Appaegis organizations can improve their security posture, gain critical visibility into users and applications and maintain control over their diverse portfolio of internal, external or SaaS based applications.


  • Zero-trust data and application access - with no sensitive data saved on endpoints.
  • Reduces the attack surface open to malware and zero day attacks.
  • Simplified data access compliance.

Data Isolation

  • Control data access with context-based policy.
  • Prevent sensitive data or files be stored in vulnerable laptops or mobile devices.
  • Classify and monitor sensitive application content & documents for data leakage.


  • Monitoring of application and user behavior, including session recordings.
  • Easy reports for analysis and auditing.


  • Manage security policies around data viewing, editing and download.
  • Enforce password policies and prevent duplicate credentials.
  • Track and block anomalous behavior through a single portal.

Product Features

Real-time and continuous authorization

Real-time and continuous authorization

  • Integrated with existing multi-factor-authentication (MFA) tools.
  • Authentication for internal applications and SaaS applications.
  • Unified policy management.
Adaptive access control

Adaptive access control

  • Identity, authorization and roles – adaptive access control – removing friction from customer experience.
  • Seamless access for variety of applications including web, SSH, Remote desktop.
  • Support for private and public applications.
  • Granular role-based policy to control access to resources.
Integrated DLP functionality

Integrated DLP functionality

  • Monitor and control file sharing and file download.
  • Real time policy enforcement of users trying to access any application.
Secure access as a service

Secure access as a service

  • Anytime and anywhere access to enterprise applications.
  • Continuous authorization and monitoring without management and infrastructure overhead.
  • Compliance enforcement for partner or customer access of internal applications.
Easy to deploy and use

Easy to deploy and use

  • Simplified agentless deployment and management.
  • Multi region support.
  • Out of the box integrations and workflow automation with Identity Provider (IDP), KMS / secret management solutions, public cloud platforms.
Logging, reporting and auditing

Logging, reporting and auditing

  • Real time continuous monitoring.
  • Log ingestion for a variety of applications including OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • Reporting to demonstrate compliance and data export for additional analysis.

Appaegis Technology

Appaegis is built on the principle of zero trust – so authorized users get access only once their identify has been authenticated, regardless of their location. With Appaegis’ Isolation Access Cloud (IAC), application access happens through an intermediate layer – an isolated cloud – instead of directly on your network, which significantly reduces your attack surface and therefore risk.