Our Vision

Appaegis’ vision is to help every organization secure access to their data. We know that is a lofty goal and we realize it is a complex challenge to solve. Hairy Audacious Goals are our business! We know that solving the problem includes addressing secure remote access to applications, granular control over data access, preventing the loss of data, ensuring privileged access, and more. That is exactly what we intend to deliver with Data Centric Zero Trust.

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Life at Appaegis

At Appaegis we live by the following principles.

Active listening: We realize that everyone’s perspective is important and must be heard. People join Appaegis because they enjoy what they do and have an excellent understanding of their domain. Our employees were hired for their ideas. We are committed to actively engaging with the ideas they bring. We know that the best ideas are often a result of open honest discussion. Ideas may be born with an individual, but they are always refined and improved with a team.

Clear, open communication coupled with accountability: We live by the phrase – say what you will do and do what you say. This requires an understanding of purpose, clarity of thought, and a maniacal focus on execution. Because we encourage people to take risks and push the boundaries of what technology can do, we know what we might not be always right. We also know that the anecdote to challenges is the ability to clearly communicate, openly debate risks and options, and collectively address the challenges. We establish clear goals and milestones and push each other to achieve them. We apply this principle to our commitments made internally, to our partners, and to our customers.

Teamwork: Companies are built with people. Successful companies, we believe, are built with people working together and treating each other with respect. We know that without teamwork no project can be completed. We also know that without a cooperative team no project can be completed successfully. At Appaegis, teams don’t just serve the purpose of sharing the workload, they are there to create an environment where everyone on the team can contribute to their highest possible potential. Together we celebrate success and treat failures like they must be treated – learning opportunities.

At Appaegis, employee wellbeing is our priority. In addition to providing an environment where we get to be creative, explore new ideas and create bleeding-edge solutions – we provide a competitive salary, stock options, healthcare coverage, 401K plans, unlimited vacation, and other benefits.

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