Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser

Secure Remote Access for Applications With An Enterprise Access Browser

Appaegis provides full control of remote user access back to the enterprise IT team. It secures cloud infrastructure access by combining browser isolation, identity and authorization. Appaegis leverages an Enterprise Access Browser to eliminate operational complexity, enhance security and protect against malicious actors.

Simplify Onboarding and Offboarding

Agility and lower operational cost with agentless deployments

Secure Identity Based Access

Reduce risk and centrally enforce secure cloud access

Prevent Permission Abuse

Prevent data theft and spread of ransomware

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How Appaegis Enterprise Access Browser Works

Appaegis Technology

The chain of security becomes disrupted when companies grant contractors, vendors and other third-parties remote access to their cloud and application infrastructures. To prevent access risks from becoming exploits that result in data theft and business disruption, companies implement zero-trust strategies that include browser isolated access.

Browser Isolated Access to Securely Onboard Users in Minutes

Browser isolation (BI) access provides multiple layers of security, simplifies operations and delivers additional visibility without having to sacrifice control. The agentless access option enables organization to onboard users quickly, from any device since BI prevents malware and ransomware without having to manage signatures.


Conditional Access Based on Identity, Role and Permission

Conditional access combines strict enforcement with data protection for compliance with organizational and regulatory policies. Appaegis conditional access provides an identity-driven control plane for IT security teams to grant context access based on identity, role and permission specific to the target application, infrastructure and data.

Deep Visibility to Prevent Permission Abuses and Data Theft

Adopting a Zero Trust access strategy means that by default, no user, from inside or outside the network is trusted. Identity and authorization verification is required for all application and data access requests. Appaegis enterprise browser access provides organizations visibility to user identity and data transactions that may lead to data theft from intentional or overly permissive access.

Case Studies

Customer across every vertical ranging from Financial Services, Gaming, Business Services, Manufacturing, and Healthcare are successfully addressing the challenge of providing secure remote access to their employees, contractors and 3rd parties. Here are a few select examples of how the are securing access to applications, data and their most critical resources.


Securing Third Party Access to Sensitive Data

For a large public traded company providing Information and Communication Technology, maintaining strict control over data and operations performed on the data is critical. The company was responsible for the security of customer data. Appaegis provided complete control over data access to ensure only authorized users could access critical information. Appaegis provided visibility data access and rich context about the access. An agentless approach ensured the deployment was easy, management was simple and barriers to adoption were minimized.

Securing Remote Desktop Access

For a company whose charter was to build autonomous vehicles, balancing the security of its intellectual property and providing easy remote access to the data meant using legacy solutions that were cumbersome to maintain and were difficult to maintain. With Appaegis enforcing secure access, authorization and enforcing least privileged access was easy. The granular control provided the ability to restrict access to designated servers and applications. The comprehensive visibility enabled easy access to user activity for compliance, audit and forensic analysis.

Protection Against Ransomware & Zero-Day Threats

A ransomware attack on any organization is disruptive in the best case and catastrophic in the worst case. For organizations that need to enable 3rd party access to critical applications and sensitive data, protecting against the lateral movement of malware from untrusted endpoints is essential. Appaegis’ browser isolation technology helps prevent the lateral movement of malware from infected or malicious endpoints. Its agentless deployment model helps ensure that the solution can be quickly implemented and easily adopted.

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